Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site

The story of Brown v. Board of Education, which ended legal segregation in public schools, is one of hope and courage. When the people agreed to be plaintiffs in the case, they never knew they would change history. The people who make up this story were ordinary people. They were teachers, secretaries, welders, ministers and students who simply wanted to be treated equally.

1515 SE Monroe Street
Topeka, Kansas
Water, restrooms, LNT Trailhead

Lakewood Park

Water, restrooms, picnic area
Take SE 21st St east to SE Lakewood Blvd, then go south 2 blocks

Terra Heights Picnic Area

SE 53rd St. just west of Adams Rd.
North side of 53rd St.
No water or restrooms

Kwik Shop

SE 37th St.
Restrooms for customers


Berryton United Methodist Church
1 block north on SE Berryton Rd.
Water and restrooms

Monolithic Dome BnB

S. Jordan Rd. & W. 117th St.
Wakarusa, Kansas

Clinton Wildlife Area

Primitive picnic area at Wakarusa River Bridge
No water or restrooms