The Landon Trail is being opened to the public as sections are developed. The Landon inside the city limits is leased to, and being developed by, The City of Topeka Parks & Recreation. Outside of the city limits, south to Lake Pomona and the intersection with the Flint Hills Trail, the Landon Trail is being developed by volunteers.

  • Milepost 0 to 2 (SE 15th Street to SE 27th Street) — Completed to 27th Street. Open to Public.
  • Milepost 2 to 4 (About SE 27th Street to 45th Street) — Under construction.
  • Milepost 4 to 4.5(45th Street to Sanneman Drive/Terra Heights) — Undeveloped by City presently.
  • Milepost 4.5 to 10 (Sanneman Drive to SE Croco Rd near 77th St) — Completed. Open to Public.Crushed limestone surface.
  • Milepost 10 to 12.5 (SE Croco Road to SE 89th St.) — Completed. Open to Public. Small Gravel or chat surface. Fundraising underway for limestone screenings to put on surface.
  • Milepost 12.5 to 16(SE 89th, across the Clinton Wildlife Area to near 105th & Shadden Road) — Bridge Railings being completed. Closed to public use.
  • Milepost 16 to 18(Near 105th & Shadden Road to near 117th & Ratner Road in Osage County) — Currently being cleared and limestone screenings laid on surface. Closed to public use.
  • MilePost 18 to 24(Near 117th & Shadden Road to US-56 Highway at Overbrook) — Maintenance, planning, and construction by volunteers. Closed to public use.
  • Milepost 25 to 27(Overbrook to 173rd Street) — Currently being cleared and constructed by Overbrook Volunteer Division. Closed to public use, presently.
  • Milepost 27 to 38(173rd Street to Lomax Junction/ Flint Hills Trail junction, near K-68 Highway) — Planning and maintenance pending development. Closed to public.