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The following access points provide a convenient way for visitors to connect to the Landon Trail:

  1. SE 17th & Monroe in Topeka (parking area, by Brown vs. Board of Education)
  2. SE 37th & S. Kansas Ave. (Kwik Shop) in Topeka
  3. SE 45th & SW Topeka Blvd (Kwik Shop) in Topeka (trail transitions from paved to limestone)
  4. Herrman’s Trailhead: SE 53rd & SE Adams Rd. in Topeka (parking area, horse trailer size)
  5. SE Berryton Rd. in Berryton adjacent to the post office
  6. SE 77th & SE Croco Rd.
  7. West of SE Ratner Rd. on SE 89th
  8. South of SE 89th on SE Ratner Rd. (finished trail for another half mile east)
  9. South Overbrook on South Shawnee Heights Rd. (trail goes southeast from Overbrook 2.5 miles and growing)

Updated: January 2020

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